These days any big summer movie, no matter how much anyone is actually looking forward to seeing it. So Terminator: Salvation opened in midnight screenings on Wednesday, and despite bad reviews, it grossed $3 million in those screenings alone.

By comparison, Wolverine nabbed $5 million at midnight, and even back in March, Watchmen made $4.6 million. It's not mentioned in the Variety piece, but you'll remember that Star Trek opened on Thursday evening and made $7 million that way. So what this all boils down to is that Terminator: Salvation is probably less of a hit than any of these movies, except maybe Watchmen which had that pesky R-rating and a bloated running time. Terminator is also up against the PG-rated juggernaut Night at the Museum, which will suck in the family audience and leave the robot beatdown for the teenage boys.



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