The Best Of The Scream 4 Set Photos

By Perri Nemiroff 2010-07-08 15:20:05discussion comments
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The Best Of The Scream 4 Set Photos image
Forget the killer, the folks on the Scream 4 set have to keep an eye out for Internet spies. Ever since filming began, images and videos of the cast at work have been pouring in. Most have just been fuzzy candids or unexciting drive-bys, but in the mix we were able to find a handful of notable ones, which you can find below.

First up is a school shot that reveals a little throw back to the original film. Recognize those blue and yellow jackets? That’s the same coat Casey’s boyfriend Steve wore when he died in Scream’s opening scene. It looks like Steve, Casey and all of the others who fell victim to the knife in the original film will be honored in the fourth film, because On Location Vacations also snapped a shot of the school’s announcement board, which says, “Remember Week Memorial On Fri In Gym.”

Daily Mail’s got a few nice shots of Scream 4’s older generation, including Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Adam Brody, Marley Shelton and Anthony Anderson, the best of which shows the whole band of cops – Arquette, Shelton, Anderson, Brody and an unknown actor – outside a local bookstore. That leads us to one of the most significant plot points revealed yet courtesy of an image from Before the Trailer. Since the third installment it seems Sidney has kept busy by writing a book called Out of Darkness and in the film she’ll be doing a meet and greet in the book’s honor. It also looks like this could cause a bit of a rift between Sidney and Gale because there’s also some images floating around of a certain book rack inside the store, one labeled bargain books and it’s packed with Gale’s work.

Is there any security on this set? It’s great getting such a detailed look at what’s going on during filming, but there’s certainly a concern that we’ll have seen the entire film before it even hits theaters. Yes, these are all exterior shots, but something suggests these shutterbugs are relentless and if they get the opportunity to leak some serious spoilers, will certainly take it.

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