The Bounty Hunter Trailer: Jennifer Aniston Jumps Bail

By Josh Tyler 2009-12-17 21:16:41discussion comments
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The Bounty Hunter seems kind of like Gigli meets The Mexican. Iím sure thatís not what they were going for. But in the movieís first trailer itís Jennifer Aniston arrested and transported by her ex-husband the bounty hunter. Thereís a lot of fighting and screaming and Jennifer Aniston never seems to change her dress. Eventually someone gets punched in the nuts. The end.

I miss the days when Gerard Butler went shirtless. Things just havenít been the same since he discovered collars and buttons. Still, at least he isnít paired with Katherine Heigl. Whatever this, thing, is Jennifer Aniston is a step up. Watch the first trailer for The Bounty Hunter below or in HD on Yahoo.

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