The Demonic Presence Glows In The New Devil Poster

By Perri Nemiroff 2010-08-04 16:36:36discussion comments
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Forget just being afraid of getting trapped in an elevator, how about being stuck in an elevator with the devil? Based on the filmís first poster and trailer, M. Night Shyamalan will bank on giving a common concern a demonic twist. How can I be so positive about Devil right after Shyamalan delivered The Last Airbender? Shyamalan isnít behind the lens of this one. In fact, he didnít even write the screenplay; itís just based on his original idea.

Directors Drew and John Erick Dowdle will be working with Brian Nelsonís script about a group of people trapped in an elevator with the devil among them. Devilís first poster showing off just a creepily glowing red elevator button was enough to make you think twice before hopping on the lift, but then we got the filmís trailer and now I think Iíll be taking the stairs for a little while. The filmís second poster follows suit, looking just as threatening. Itís simple, but certainly gets the point across. Check it out below courtesy of Empire Online and keep an eye out for Devil when it drops into theaters on September 17th.

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