The Evil Dead Remake Confirmed, Diablo Cody Writing

By Josh Tyler 2011-07-13 16:25:47discussion comments
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The Evil Dead Remake Confirmed, Diablo Cody Writing image
So hereís the good news. Bruce Campbell will be involved in the upcoming remake of The Evil Dead. Hereís the bad news: They really are remaking Evil Dead.

Weíve heard rumors of this impending project for weeks now, but until now there hadnít really been any official word. We got that official confirmation just moments ago from Ghost House Pictures, the production company behind the redo. They tell us that the original Evil Dead creative team of Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Bruce Campbell will be part of the remake, attached as producers. But it doesnít sound like you can expect them to be any more involved than that.

Instead they confirm that rumor from yesterday to be true. You know the one where Sam Raimi isnít really directing it and instead has hired someone named Fede Alvarez to do it? They say Raimi and Tapert were huge fans of Panic Attack, a short film he did, and based on that got interested in handing the keys to the cabin over to him.

Alvarez wrote the script with Rodo Sayagues, but apparently they werenít entirely happy with it. So theyíve hired Diablo Cody, whose first foray into the horror genre Jenniferís Body was widely panned by just about everyone, to do rewrites. Iím one of the few who sort of liked Jenniferís Body and having enjoyed that movie I can sort of see where theyíre going in hiring Diablo to do this one. Even if you hated Jenniferís Body, Codyís still batting 50% since her other feature film project was Juno, which a lot of people loved.

No word on how closely theyíll stick to the plot of the original for this one, but if youíre hoping for a faithful adaptation it may be heartening to know that they included a plot synopsis of the original Evil Dead in the announcement with the press release they sent us. So Iím pretty sure someone over at Ghost House has at least seen the original movie. Itís a start.
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