The Goon Gets Animated

By Rafe Telsch 2008-07-03 09:33:29discussion comments
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Another one of those unlikely comic book adaptations is headed to the big screen. This time Eric Powell’s paranormal creation, The Goon, will be adapted into a movie, courtesy of David Fincher, Blur Studios and Dark Horse Entertainment.

Powell announced the news on The that his comic book will be adapted into a CG-animated feature film, optioned by David Fincher.

Powell’s comic follows the adventures of The Goon, a muscled brawler who claims to be an enforcer for a feared mafia boss. Despite the mafia links, the story tends to move more into the world of the supernatural, featuring ghosts, zombies, and the like.

The Goon is another one of those titles that I haven’t been exposed to, being more of a mainstream comic book fan, but sounds like it has a really interesting story. Fincher sounds like the right person to help make this a movie, and Powell will handle the scriptwriting duties, maintaining writing control over his creation.
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