The Human Centipede II Villain Revealed, And He Looks Deceptively Tame

By Brian Salisbury 2011-09-06 16:49:46discussion comments
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Yesterday we got a glimpse at a new Australian trailer for Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) that, we admit, held a lot back. Today, Entertainment Weeklyís Inside Movies has released the first image from the film, showing off the new villain Martin (Laurence Harvey) as he strikes his creepiest facial expression. Martin would be the man whom Tom Six referred to as ďthe sickest bastard of them allĒ in the filmís first teaser trailer, although in that one poor Martin had a box over his head so we didnít know what he looked like. Oh boy, do we know now. Take a look.

Here again we see Human Centipede IIís brilliant marketing campaign at work. The first film harbors a nasty reputation for being one of the sickest films ever made, something Tom Six himself champions in the teaser trailer and seeks to outdo with the sequel. The graphic images to which he subjects his audience in part 2 are indeed extreme; enough to earn him a ban on the film in the UK. But what was the content of the first full trailer for the sequel? Nothing more than shots of people watching and reacting to the footage. And now we get our first still image from the film and what is it? Itís merely a manís face; no blood, no mutilations, no surgical alterations.

Tom Six is doing everything he can to force viewers to imagine the worst possible depravity they can without actually giving them anything from the film to prove it. Heís still playing his cards very close to the chest and creating a great deal of buzz without being the least bit explicit. Is this a reaction to his film getting banned in the UK? Is he gun-shy about revealing the actual content? Possibly. But more likely is the possibility that this is all a carefully constructed marketing gimmick. Frankly, itís working on me.

One thing thatís definitely aiding in the filmís underground mystique is the fact the actor playing Martin has never before appeared in a film. It seems as if Tom Six really did pluck this guy out of some back alley or mental hospital. Ok, now Iím really freaked.
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