The Legend Comes To Life On The Wolfman Website

By Perri Nemiroff 2010-01-01 15:11:40discussion comments
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The Legend Comes To Life On The Wolfman Website image
Itís the New Year and The Wolfman is actually hitting theaters in a little over a month. Even with a number of bumps in the road, the time has come and Universal is getting pumped up by launching the filmís brand new website. Even with a number of sections still under construction has tons of monstrous goodies for you to explore.

Of course thereís a story synopsis, trailers and a photo gallery, but the best of the bunch is the features section. Itís got a link to Universalís Monster Legacy site, which takes a look at the creation and development of the monster movie genre. Thereís also a page called Lycanthropy that gives you a taste of the truth behind the legend. It explains what Lycanthropy is, accounts of possible werewolf attacks and more.

Another neat element can be found on the siteís entry page. The Lunar Phases Widget tells you what phase the moon is in and the amount of time until the next full moon. Why would you want to know when the next full moon is? Because after each full moon youíll have the chance to win a classic horror DVD set and autographed Wolfman poster. The only way to enter the contest is through the widget.

Donít forget to keep an eye out for those additional pages to be activated.
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