The Lovely Bones Trailer With Screencaps

By Tim Gomez 2009-08-04 23:24:25discussion comments
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The Lovely Bones Trailer With Screencaps image
Peter Jackson has kept his next film, The Lovely Bones, on the hush hush for quite some time now. If it werenít for a few photos released last month, I couldíve easily been convinced that the movie hadnít even started filming. Now out of left field comes the very first trailer for the film, and boy is it ever a trailer.

For those unaware, The Lovely Bones follows the story of Susie Salmon, a girl murdered at age 14, as she attempts (from the other ďside,Ē mind you) to help her father find her murderer. As you can imagine, the afterlife imagery in the movie looks gorgeous (I'm hoping that the world looks a lot less blue screeny in the theatre, though) and the tone is fittingly epic for Jackson, but itís hard not to imagine what Ryan Gosling couldíve done with the part of the father rather than Mark Wahlberg. Watch the trailer and check tons of gorgeous screencaps from it below:

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