The Muppets First Trailer Asks, Are There Muppets In This Movie?

By Josh Tyler 2011-05-23 12:55:49discussion comments
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The first trailer for The Muppets has arrived and if there was any way to get you to watch this trailer without actually telling you itís the trailer for The Muppets I would, because going into this without knowing what it is, is half the fun. Since Iíve already ruined it for you, make it a point to grab a friend and show it to them without letting them in on what it is.

Or just ignore that first paragraph and pretend this is the first trailer for a new romance movie starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams. Watch:

WaitÖ are there Muppets in this movie? Yes, yes there are. And theyíre also in what may be the best teaser trailer you see all year.

To go with the trailer Disney has released a new Muppets teaster poster with a Kermit Easter Egg hidden inside. To see that check out this post.
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