The New Jason Is Probably A Predator

By Katey Rich 2009-10-21 10:32:47discussion comments
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The New Jason Is Probably A Predator image
The cast of Robert Rodriguez's Predator reboot runs a weird gamut from highbrow-- Adrien Brody-- to lowbrow-- Danny Trejo-- with a lot of room left in the middle-- Topher Grace, good to see you! But chalk one up today for the lowbrow team, as Derek Mears, a.k.a. the new face of Jason in that Platinum Dunes reboot of Friday the 13th, has signed on to join the madness.

Shock Til You Drop, which broke the news, isn't saying who he'll be playing, but there's reason to speculate he'll have his face shrouded again in costume as one of the Predators that Brody's team must defeat. Mears did a good job of being intimidating with nothing but his body in Friday the 13th, and I imagine they're looking for that skill from the actors hired to be inside the Predator suits. Sure, it's possible he'll be playing a human, but I admit I'll be a little disappointed if that's the case.
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