The Original 1982 Tron Gets A Modernized Trailer

By Josh Tyler 2010-03-30 02:49:15discussion comments
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The Original 1982 Tron Gets A Modernized Trailer image
Itís my hope that even though Tron: Legacy looks amazing and seems sure to bring new fans into the Tron universe, we wonít forget about the original. Sure the effects, which were once groundbreaking, now look kind of dated. And ok, I can understand younger people who havenít lived in a world where computers were kind of still a mystery to everyone being unable to get on board with the plot. But Tron was good. Really good. Maybe the way to help younger moviegoers, ready to rush out and see Tron: Legacy, understand that is by modernizing it.

Thatís just what one talented YouTube user has done. Embedded below youíll see his modernized trailer for the original 1982 Tron. Heís taken sequences from the film, re-cut them together, added modern title cards, used a modern score, and brightened up all the faded colors to create an utterly modern feeling trailer for a movie that came out more then twenty-five years ago. Itís really well done. Take a look:

Now contrast that with the oh so 80s, actual trailer for Tron when it was released back in 1982:

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