The Rock Returns To Action With Faster

By Josh Tyler 2009-05-06 22:43:36discussion comments
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The Rock Returns To Action With Faster image
So The Rock wont be in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea as rumored yesterday. Submarine travel is too slow for him. Hed rather go Faster. I hope you enjoyed that pun. I went around the block for it.

Variety says Dwayne sometimes known as The Rock Johnson is close to signing for a starring role in a movie called Faster, directed by Phil Joanou, who also worked with Rock on Gridiron Gang.

In Faster, Johnson would play an ex-con out to avenge the death of his brother, killed ten years earlier after a double-cross during a heist gone wrong. Its being billed as an edgy action movie, something which Dwayne has done far too little of in recent years. In fact, its been four years since The Rock did anything even resembling an action movie, and even then it was Doom, a movie which I think weve all agreed wed rather not remember. The last time he did a worthwhile action movie, it was 2004 and you were in a theater somewhere watching Walking Tall. If The Rock beats the hell out of someone with a two-by-four in Faster, Ill walk out with a smile.
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