The Slammin' Salmon Trailer: Broken Lizard Serves Up Funny

By Josh Tyler 2009-11-08 21:38:56discussion comments
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Iím about to lavish Broken Lizardís latest movie, The Slamminí Salmon, with a ridiculous amount of praise. Before I do that, a positioning statement: Iím not one of those deluded Broken Lizard fans who humps everything they do as if itís the second coming of Monty Python. Nor am I one of those weak-kneed bloggers who pretends to like Club Dread, just because Broken Lizard is friendly towards the online press. I loved the hell out of the first ten minutes of Super Troopers and have been waiting, ever since, for them to do something else that makes me laugh. Here it is.

The Slamminí Salmon isnít just the funniest thing Broken Lizard has ever done, itís one of the funniest things Iíve seen all year. Itís consistently hilarious, every momentís a laugh, and it easily trumps Waiting as the best restaurant comedy in recent memory. In particular, Michael Clarke Duncan steals every scene heís in. The trailer doesn't quite live up to the film, but you'll at least get a taste of Duncan bringing the funny in the new Slammin' Salmon trailer below.

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