The Thing Prequel Trailer Leaks Online

By Josh Tyler 2010-10-10 18:43:32discussion comments
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The Thing Prequel Trailer Leaks Online image
The first teaser trailer for Universalís prequel to John Carpenterís 1982 horror movie The Thing, which is inexplicably also titled The Thing, debuted this weekend to a small audience at the New York Comic Con. And now the teaser has leaked online.

Early word on the movie has been pretty good, in spite of a lot of trepidation from fans of the original. If you havenít yet, make sure you check out our in-depth set visit coverage from earlier in the week before you watch this because, well, thereís almost nothing to see here.

This is a leaked version of The Thing trailer but the quality is so poor that itís pretty difficult to see whatís going on. You will get a taste of the trailerís narration, which is, pretty awesome. But aside from a few fuzzy glimpses thereís not a lot here. Consider this an appetizer, to whet your appetite for the real trailer, which weíre sure to get our hands on soon. In the meantime, hereís the leaked version while it lasts:

Check back with us throughout the week and weíll have a high-res, official version for you as soon as possible. For more detail on this new version of The Thing visit our preview.
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