The Third Mother Returns

By Jason Morgan 2007-06-11 10:08:48discussion comments
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Stale. Thatís the state of todayís horror genre. Between crap franchises such as Hostel and Saw and endless remakes of Japanese, Korean and our classic American horror films, is there no one who can save us from this endless barrage of disappointing, underwhelming, non-horror cinematic junk? It seems that salvation may be found in one of the most unlikely places Ė the return of Dario Argento and The Third Mother (Mother of Tears).

The man is a horror legend. He first got his start in the biz helping with the story of Sergio Leoneís Once Upon a Time in the West. From there, he launched into the global horror ring of the late 1970s to early 1980s with heavy-hitters such as Deep Red, Tenebre and the legendary Suspiria. The late 80s saw a decline in Argentoís work.

But recently, trickling word of The Third Mother has began to flow freely, as Italian Web site Splatter Container has posted a handful of still shots (no translation necessary). Be forewarned, these shots will make your stomach churn, but do not chalk these shots up to ďtorture pornĒ trash. Argento is rich on atmosphere, as well as outrageous, stylistic gore, and his last film in the ďThree Motherís Trilogy,Ē starting with Suspiria and continuing in Inferno, looks to be the most promising horror releases in recent memory. (Other than the grossly overlooked Bug)

To whet your Argento appetite a bit more, hereís a camcorder-recorded teaser trailer. Sure itís blurry and pirated, but itís still enough to send you to the alter of the horror movie gods to pray for an American release. Help us Dario Argento, youíre are only hope.

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