The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Coming November 18, 2011

By Katey Rich 2010-05-05 08:48:52discussion comments
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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Coming November 18, 2011 image
The news in The Hollywood Reporter is short and sweet, so we'll keep it that way too: Summit has announced a November 18, 2011 release date for Breaking Dawn, the final installment of the franchise which recently brought Bill Condon on board to direct. We still don't know if that will be the last film, though, since the studio is still mulling over the prospect of splitting it into two films, Harry Potter style.

The two previous Twilight films have come out around the same time in November, which means that if Breaking Dawn is just one film, Eclipse will be the sole edition in the franchise with a summer release date (it's coming July 4 weekend this year). Right now November 18, 2011 is also occupied by Real Steel, Disney's robot boxing project with Hugh Jackman, and Happy Feet 2; those films seem more likely to compete with each other than Breaking Dawn.
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