The Virginity Hit Trailer Obsesses Over Teen Sex YouTube Style

By Josh Tyler 2010-07-26 17:20:02discussion comments
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The Virginity Hit Trailer Obsesses Over Teen Sex YouTube Style image
When I heard Will Ferrell and Adam McKay were slapping their names on a teen sex comedy I expected something like Sex Drive. Thatís not at all what youíll get in the first trailer for The Virginity Hit. Instead itís kind of like a fictionalized version of The Real Cancun, but with bigger nerds and a lot of unnecessary references to YouTube, just for the kids.

Regardless of the format the topic seems to be the same: the teenage obsession with getting laid. Hollywoodís been making raunchy movies on the topic since the late 70s but to me it feels like the obsession has grown even worse in the past few years. Iím not sure what it says about our society that our teenagers are only interested in the size of their cocks, but Iím pretty sure itís nothing good. Whatever it says about us as a people, itís probably being said in the red band trailer for The Virginity Hit. Here it is:

The movieís about four friends exploiting their teen sexuality for internet popularity. I feel gross just typing that but then Iím not into underage kids and I automatically want to vomit whenever any movie resorts to turning its characters into lame internet celebrities. You can be sure, however, that The Virginity Hitís teenage target demographic will get excited when they see someone else using a computer. ďDude they use YouTube too! This movie gets me.Ē Somewhere out there some 15-year-old has just uttered those words.

At least it's not another Superbad clone though. Give them credit for that. They're trying. Maybe it'll work, but even more interesting than the movieís trailer is this girl, who shows up as the lead characterís exploited girlfriend, but looks like Winona Ryder minus twenty or so:

Sony hasnít released the movieís full cast list but sheís a dead ringer for Winona Ryder circa 1989 isnít she? Clearly Winona has discovered some sort of miracle de-aging cream or something. Side by side comparison. Winona on the left, screenshot from The Virginity Hit on the right:

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