Thirty Movies And They've All Got Company

By Eric Eisenberg 2010-04-16 10:46:10discussion comments
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There are thousands upon thousands of examples of films using the same plot tactics and lines. One of the more popular ones comes up when a small band of heroes are trying to focus on something (hacking a computer, saving a princess from the detention center in the Death Star, etc.) when a group of baddies show up to take them down. The inevitable line? "WE'VE GOT COMPANY!" Now, thanks to the wonderful internet, someone has made a compilation.

Made into a montage by The Guy Bauer Half Hour, this short clip features thirty different movies, from Star Wars to Osmosis Jones, where characters say the oft repeated line. They even found it in subtitles! Also interesting is the fact that the phrase is one of those that if repeated enough, eventually sounds like nonsense. Check out the video below.

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