This Iron Man 2 Featurette May Contain A Thor Cameo

By Josh Tyler 2010-02-26 03:04:41discussion comments
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This Iron Man 2 Featurette May Contain A Thor Cameo image
A new Iron Man 2 featurette has appeared online and while it contains some great behind the scenes stuff about shooting the race track fight youíve probably seen teased in the trailers, thatís not whatís most interesting here. Right after the featurette a new Iron Man 2 clip plays. In it, Tony Stark walks through what appears to be a prison on his way to an encounter with Whiplash, who appears to have been captured. The clipís dubbed in French, which is a little distracting, but if you pay attention thereís something going on in the background.

As Tony walks down the hallway en route to Whiplash, at one point the camera leaves him to focus on a prisoner in the background, a prisoner whoís being photographed. Who is it? Truthfully I canít tell. Itís impossible to make out. But Bad Taste claims thatís our first look at Thor, whoís being played by Chris Hemsworth in the upcoming Avengers film of the same name.

Could Thor have a cameo in Iron Man 2? Sure. Marvel is making it a point to tie all of their upcoming movies together and that will almost certainly include cameos from other superheroes. And it sort of makes sense that Thor might show up here, in what appears to be a prison of some sort for people with special powers. Or at least a prison designed to hold the likes of Whiplash. Watch the featurette followed by the clip below to see if you can spot it.

For comparison purposes, here's a shot of the man in the clip next to an actual shot of a similarly shirtless Chris Hemsworth. Enjoy ladies.

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