Thor 2 Being Planned And We May Know Who The Villains Are

By Josh Tyler 2011-05-17 13:45:21discussion comments
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Thor 2 Being Planned And We May Know Who The Villains Are image
Though it got off to something of a slow start here in America, great word of mouth propelled Thor to a second week at number one here Stateside, and even if it hadnít Marvelís latest superhero venture has already made $225 million overseas. Some (ok me) are even calling this the superhero studioís best movie yet. So of course, that means sequel.

Thor is already slated to show up in the upcoming team-up movie The Avengers along with the likes of Iron Man and Captain America. But once thatís over with itís believed that Marvel Studios will already have a Thor 2 in the works. In fact our sources tell us that theyíve already begun kicking around story ideas for the sequel with the hope that theyíll have it ready and in theaters in the same year as Iron Man 3, in 2013. That fits the pattern weíre seeing this summer, with both Thor and Captain America hitting theaters in the same year.

Our source tells us that while the Thor 2 project is still in very early stages and they donít expect to start actually writing the script until the end of the year, internally producers are kicking around possible villains. In contention to face off against Thor are two characters named The Enchantress and The Executioner.

In Marvel Comics lore The Enchantress is a powerful Asgard sorceress named Amora. In the comics her first appearance involved an attempt to take out Thorís love interest in order to have him all to herself. That notion seems to fit pretty well with where the first movie left us. When last we saw him Thor was pining for, and obviously head over heels in love with, Natalie Portmanís Jane. Eventually heíll have to bring her to court, and thatís going to piss a lot of Asgardians off. Loki could figure in here, if Tom Hiddlestonís character returns, since in the comics he helps Amora seduce Thor.

The Executioner is a character closely tied to The Enchantress. Heís in love with her, and she manipulates him into doing her dirty work. Heís a warrior and easily manipulated. Toying with him could be fun for Loki too.

For now itís all in the early stages and these are just a couple of the ideas we hear Marvel may be kicking around internally. We contacted Marvel for official confirmation of this story, but as youíd expect they arenít able to comment on anything this early in production. Our information comes from a completely proven, trusted source who has broken numerous Marvel related stories before. Expect more detail as Thor 2 moves forward.
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