Tim Robbins Will Father Evil In Green Lantern

By Josh Tyler 2010-02-08 23:17:19discussion comments
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Tim Robbins Will Father Evil In Green Lantern image
We havenít seen enough of Tim Robbins. He hasnít had a significant role in a successful movie since Mystic River in 2003. Itís not that he hasnít put out quality work, he was fantastic in City of Ember, and he had a lot of fun with a little indie called Noise, but no one showed up for either of them. Youíre unlikely to miss his next project. THR says heís joined the cast of Green Lantern.

Unfortunately, it doesnít sound like itís the significant role he deserves. Instead heís been cast as Senator Hammond, father of the movieís villain, Dr. Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard). So while heís at least partially to blame for raising a psychic powered person of pure evil, itís unlikely heíll get a lot of screen time. Thatíll go to his son, as he battles Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordon.

In the course of this story, THR saw fit to remind us all of this unfortunate nugget: The last time Tim Robbins did a comic book movie it was called Howard the Duck. Iím pretty sure this will be better.
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