Tom Cruise Is The Villain Of Shrek 4?

By Josh Tyler 2008-09-04 02:45:22discussion comments
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Tom Cruise Is The Villain Of Shrek 4? image
After his hilarious turn in Tropic Thunder, Tom Cruiseís comedic strategy for revitalizing his image seems to be on track. Next step in crafting Tomís new public persona may be doing a little something for your kids, by voicing a character in Shrek 4.

Tonight I got an email from one of our regular sources at DreamWorks, whispering in my ear to let you know that Tom Cruise is being considered to voice one of the villains in Shrek Goes Fourth. The sequel is due out in 2010 and this time itís being directed by Mike Mitchell, who is rumored to be something of a Tom Cruise fan. He also has a history of working with high-profile Scientologists. In 2005 he directed Kelly Preston in Sky High.

Very little is actually known about Shrek Goes Fourth, other than that itís supposed to reveal Shrekís origins and explain how he got to the swamp. Does that make it a prequel? I hope not. Where would Tom Cruiseís villain character fit in, if indeed this actually happens? We donít know that either, but Iím hoping heís playing a turtle-neck wearing evil wizard. The movie is in pre-production, which means theyíre probably still sorting out the final voice cast and, even if our source is correct, things could change. Until we get some sort of firm confirmation, please remember this is just a rumor.

UPDATE! Tom Cruise's reps say that he is not involved in this project.... at least now. Whether he was at the time we reported this, remains unconfirmed. Read the full report here.
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