Top 10 Facial Hair Statements Of 2012

By Kristy Puchko 2012-12-21 16:19:15discussion comments
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#6 Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln
Few beards are as iconic as that of our 16th president. In fact, this chin beard statement is so intensely tied to Lincoln that it is virtually impossible for most modern men to make this look work. Of course, Daniel Day-Lewis, the sometimes cobbler and film star, is not most men. I mean, if anyone can pull off eccentric facial hair, it's the guy who played Bill the Butcher of Gangs of New York and Daniel Plainview of There Will Be Blood.

#5 Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Anna Karenina
Sexy Hipster Cherub. This phrase is how I've come to describe Taylor-Johnson's look in Joe Wright's sumptuous adaptation of Anna Karenina. I know this combination sounds like it should be revolting. But look at him! The alabaster skin with rosy pink cheeks and soft pink lips just below a feathery blond mustache that matches his halo of wavy locks, he is the sexy hipster cherub. It shouldn't work, but it does, so much so that I'm willing to forget Savages and Taylor-Johnson's ratty white boy dreadlocks.
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