The Top 10 Movies Of 2012: Mack's List

By Mack Rawden 2012-12-28 14:10:06discussion comments
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bad teacher
9) 21 Jump Street
Channing Tatum proved he could be hilarious during his scene-stealing turn in The Dilemma, but carrying an entire film comedically requires a different level of talent. Turns out Tatum has an abundance of that, along with handsomeness and confidence. 21 Jump Street is the single funniest movie released in 2012. The chemistry between Tatum and Hill is a thing of beauty, and more importantly, the film trusts that its premises, witty lines and performances are enough. It maximizes the material without begging for laughs very often, and that forward progress allows directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller to get in as many fresh jokes as possible.

So many details about 21 Jump Street are just right. From one-strapping the backpack to the rules of coolness being rewritten in just a few short years, 21 Jump Street has a really astute eye, and at times, itís willing to call itself out for, on paper, being a somewhat formulaic retread. Luckily for audiences, itís actually so much more.
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