The Top 10 Movies Of 2012: Mack's List

By Mack Rawden 2012-12-28 14:10:06discussion comments
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bad teacher
5) Lincoln
The key to Lincoln isnít in the performance of Daniel Day-Lewis, though his work should win him an Oscar, and itís not in its army of older white character actors, though theyíre all well cast and as good as ever. The key to Lincoln is in its clever choice of subject matter thatís able to paint the beloved President as more of a conniving schemer who broke the rules for the greater good than the unquestioned saint most of us learned about as children in elementary school. By focusing on the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment, it narrows the gigantic scope of Lincolnís life and is able to introduce us to the supporting characters who colored and shaped his life.

Admittedly, Lincoln is about fifteen minutes too long and has a few moments that donít exactly work, but as a whole, itís a moving, well-constructed masterpiece interested in the details and specifics of an extremely important moment in the history of the United States. Honest Abe might not be the legend we grew up with here, but in a way, heís even better.
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