Top 10 Movies Of 2013: Mack's List

By Mack Rawden 2014-01-01 11:32:35discussion comments
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2. Gravity
Gravity is the most visually beautiful film Iíve ever seen. It makes incredible use of 3D technology, and its backgrounds are mesmerizing. Even if Sandra Bullock and George Clooney were digitally removed from the film, it would actually work as one of those Planet Earth features people put on the television when they have company over. Itís that gorgeous, but luckily, Clooney and Bullock are in the film and their story is phenomenal in its own right.

Itís really, really hard to make a movie without a wide supporting cast. Filling time is so much easier when different characters are being introduced. That helps to break up the monotony, and it helps to offer a fuller experience. Gravity doesnít have the benefit of doing that, but in its own way, itís consistently riveting. Its ninety minute runtime flies by and at no point does it feel boring or repetitive. Itís a masterstroke in filmmaking, and itís one that should pay off heavily in nominations when the Academy Awards officially announce their choices.
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