Top 10 Movies Of 2013: Seanís List

By Sean O'Connell 2013-12-24 14:03:01discussion comments
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4. Her
Intelligent, emotional, humorous, somber, futuristic but surprisingly contemporary, Spike Jonzeís Her engages on so many levels, Iím not sure Iíll full understand how much I appreciate this film until I fully understand the movie itself. If that ever happens.

Hereís what I can tell you: Her has Jonze operating in the same heady air he occupied for Being John Malkovich and Adaptation. But his unconventional storytelling asks huge questions about romance and technology. What constitutes a normal relationship? Are we becoming too attached to our devices? And where will we be 10 years from now? I hope Phoenix still will be performing a decade in the future. As a heartbroken letter writer smitten with his new companion, Phoenix delivers a fearless, sympathetic and courageous turn that gives the operating systems of Her unexpected heart.
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