Total Recall Remake Shooting In March

By Josh Tyler 2010-12-23 15:03:57discussion comments
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The Total Recall remake weíve been hearing about for awhile now, is officially a reality. The Star says the Len Wiseman directed film starts shooting in Toronto this March with a hefty $200 million budget. No, we still donít know who will be in it.

The original 1990 movie starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a construction worker whoís actually a freedom fighter from Mars, relocated to Earth after having his memory wiped. He makes his way back to the Red Planet in an effort to recover his memories and ends up getting back into the business of freedom fighting while heís there.

As for the new movie, word was back in November that the one time Schwarzegger role had been offered to Colin Farrell. As far as we know, he still hasnít accepted it. If the movie starts shooting in March, someone, somewhere, will have to make a decision soon. Maybe the fact that theyíve set a shooting date is confirmation that heís taken it? The film is set to be the most expensive movie ever shot in Toronto when it begins production there at Pinewood Toronto Studios. Thereís a lot of money riding on that casting decision. More here on Cinema Blend as this develops.
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