Trailer For The A-Team Comes Early

By Eric Eisenberg 2010-01-08 09:57:23discussion comments
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Earlier this week it was announced that the trailer for Joe Carnahan's film adaptation of The A-Team would be coming this weekend. Well, just like just about every trailer these days, that date just wasn't soon enough for fans.

The first trailer for the film has leaked online, from Vimeo user Clive Owen (probably not the actor) and though it isn't the greatest quality, it is what it is (meaning unofficial). In terms of first reactions, it does come across as somewhat disappointing: everything flies by so fast that there is a total lack of coherence, and Copley's accent doesn't sound too sharp. While those two problems could potentially improve with a higher quality video (coming soon I'm sure), I will say this: Liam Neeson looks awesome. It probably won't be around long, so check out the trailer below while you still can. We recommend watching in full-screen, since the aspect ratio is wacky for some reason.

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