Trailer For The Other Social Network Gives Tom His Due

By Josh Tyler 2010-07-19 13:23:03discussion comments
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Trailer For The Other Social Network Gives Tom His Due image
Hereís the weird thing about David Fincherís The Social Network: If heíd made it 6 years ago, it probably would have been about Tom. You remember Tom, he was your first ever friend on a social networking site. Heís that sort of creepy looking dude whose face popped up on your MySpace page, back when everyone thought it was going to change the world and that other knockoff site Facebook was just struggling to survive. If only MySpace had Farmville, The Social Network would probably be about them. But donít worry, those Facebook nerds arenít going to be able to hog all the glory. Tom is getting a movie tooÖ sort of.

Itís called The Other Social Network and while, ok, itíll probably never be a movie it has an actual trailer. All the things that made MySpace great are there: Slutty girls, excessive amounts of spam, incomprehensible layouts. Yeah, Iím really glad I switched to Facebook. But hereís the trailer for The Other Social Network:

For comparison, hereís the actual trailer for the Facebook founder focused The Social Network. Eat your heart out Tom.

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