Trailer For Kristen Wiig's Girl Most Likely Piles On The Indie Quirk

By Nick Venable 2013-05-02 15:06:18discussion comments
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A passion project for star Kristen Wiig, Girl Most Likely (formerly titled Imogene) isnít quite your average comedy - in that it looks like it should be a drama. But because the characters keep doing these wacky things that usually appear in comedies, thatís what it is, I guess. The first theatrical trailer seen above does an amazing job of conveying exactly what the film is about, and identifies all the major characters accordingly. What it doesnít quite do, however, is make any of them feel particularly entertaining. Well, Iíd probably watch Annette Beningís character for a while, but in a completely different movie.

Girl Most Likely follows Imogene, a failed playwright caught up in a bit of arrested development. A fake suicide attempt to get the attention of her ex-boyfriend lands her back in her hometown, temporarily staying with her youth-oriented mother (Bening), her brother (Christopher Fitzgerald), her motherís wacky new boyfriend (a href=>Matt Dillon) and Lee (Darren Criss), the guy currently renting out her room.

The trailer hints at a depressingly dysfunctional family life before Imogene left home, and this new situation doesnít seem to be hopeful for anyone. Of course, a romantic fling begins between Imogene and Lee, and Iím assuming some zany ass hijinks ensue whenever Matt Dillonís bizarrely off-kilter character gets screentime. But these expectations donít exactly equal anticipation. Maybe it was Kateyís disappointment with the film from last yearís Toronto Film Festival, but Iím left in the cold by this ďLook at me, Iím an indie movie!Ē trailer. Hopefully some of you feel more excited than I do.

Girl Most Likely will get a limited theatrical release starting July 19th.
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