Trailer: Wesley Snipes Doing The Same Old Thing In Game Of Death

By Will LeBlanc 2010-02-12 06:46:57discussion comments
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Judging by the fact that this movieís top line actor is Wesley Snipes, you probably already have a pretty solid idea of what youíre going to see in Game of Death. The mountains of flashy editing and AWFUL typography donít do anything to hide that Snipes has been making the same movie for the past decade.

Thereís some roundhouse kickery, a double cross, and some karate that you can catch in any other Wesley Snipes direct-to-DVD stinkers, so really thereís no reason to see Game of Death other than to check out actress Zoe Bell, slowly making her way into mainstream acting from her career as a stunt woman.

Thereís no release date anywhere to be found, so if you really care about seeing Wesley Snipesí muscle memory at work, keep an eye on the bottom shelf at Blockbuster where this will wind up sooner rather than later. Check out the trailer below or over at the official site of Voltage, the movie's production company.

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