Tron: Legacy's Kosinski Headed For Oblivion

By Josh Tyler 2009-07-30 00:00:22discussion comments
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Tron: Legacy's Kosinski Headed For Oblivion image
Hes only just really gotten going on Tron: Legacy but director Joseph Kosinski is already lining up his next gig. THR says hes developing something called Oblivion, a sci-fi/action movie based on an idea from Kosinski which is also being turned into an illustrated book.

The idea sounds ambitious, like a cross between Pitch Black and Outlander (a Jim Caviezel movie which no one but me saw). Its about a damaged, veteran soldier court-martialed and exiled to patrol duty on a bleak desolate planet where hes tasked with destroying the last remnants of an alien race. At some point a mysterious traveler arrives and the two are linked as they are forced to question everything they know about this world and themselves. I have no idea what most of that mean, but it sounds exciting.
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