After Twilight: 10 More Novels Turned Movies To Look Forward To

By Kelly West and Katey Rich 2012-11-14 14:01:09discussion comments
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The Host - Stephenie Meyer
WHAT ITíS ABOUT: Written by Stephenie Meyer, The Host isn't Twilight with aliens. The story is told from the perspective of Wanderer, an alien "Soul" among a population of body-snatching aliens who have arrived on earth and nearly successfully inhabited the entire human planet. A small human resistance exists and Melanie Stryder was among them before she was captured and inhabited by Wanderer. Melanie should have disappeared when Wanderer took over, but much to Wanderer's dismay, the old occupant of her body still lingers and the two soon form a bond that leads Wanderer to seek out Melanie's friends and family.

The story looks at humanity from a slightly outside perspective, and while it's not exactly heavy sci-fi, nor is it heavily romantic. The Host is a little bit sci-fi, a little bit romance and a little bit survival story, all of which amounts to an interesting story that could make for a great movie if they get it right.

THE MOVIE VERSION: The new trailer emerged online just a few days ago, and the fact that the extremely talented Saoirse Ronan is playing the double-role of Wanderer and Melanie seems to really be giving the movie a boost. Itís directed by Andrew Niccol, who crafted expansive sci-fi worlds in Gattaca and In Time, and author Stephenie Meyer is throwing her full support behind it. The Host comes to theaters March 29, 2013, and you can click here to learn much more about it.
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