Twilight Could Be Six Movies

By Josh Tyler 2008-08-13 04:46:41discussion comments
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The fourth and final book in the crazy popular series of Twilight vampire books has received a somewhat tepid reception from fans and the trailers for the movie, fanís rock concert like reception at Comic Con notwithstanding, arenít exactly blowing anyoneís Hot Topic miniskirt up. So Stephenie Meyer, author of the books and creator of the whole Twilight phenomenon might be jumping the gun a bit to start talking about making the last book, Breaking Dawn into a movie, but sheís talking anyway.

She thinks that should the franchise make it that far, the fourth book deserves to be made into more than one picture. She says itís too long for one movie, and suggests, ďThe book is actually broken up into book one, book two and book three, and the end of book two is kind of the exact middle of the storyÖ It really feels like the clearest place to stop the action, but Iím not a movie person, I donít know. I just think itís too long for one movie.Ē

So if youíre a Twilight fan, good news: If the first movie works we could be in for 6 or 7 of these movies, instead of just 1. If youíre not a Twilight fan, band news: we could be in for 5 or 6 of these movies, instead of just 1. But I doubt it. As much as Iíd love for the rabidly devoted, Twilight faithful to have a movie franchise which is worth of their adoration, the trailers for the first one really donít make it look like thatís going to happen. Itís Eragon all over again.
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