Twilight New Moon: Wolfpack Featurette

By Josh 2009-10-28 01:44:01discussion comments
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Summit has released a brand new featurette on The Twilight Saga New Moon. This one is focused entirely on the Wolf Pack. Yes Twilfs, that means lots shirtless Indians. They also talk in depth about how they made the movie’s werewolves and their transformations happen. Here’s a hint: Computers were used. I think they’re calling it “CGI”.

In addition to technology talk though, the members of the Wolf Pack talk about hearing each others thoughts and all the rules which are involved in being a Twi-wolf. They’re animals!

Though the featurette is quite good, unfortunately it debuted on MSN which is without a doubt the worst place to watch video anywhere on the internet. Fight through their clunky interface and terrible presentation to watch New Moon’s wolf pack featurette, right here or because we love you, watch it below:

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