Twilight Vampire Learns To Skate

By Ed Perkis 2008-10-23 14:18:28discussion comments
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The most important and exciting upcoming movie (if you are a thirteen year old girl) is Twilight. The vampires who look like models movie will be opening soon and girls everywhere are preparing their voices for the shrieks and screams that will be heard in movie theaters all weekend starting November 21st. Of course, the people in the movie are just actors and need to keep working after the Twilight insanity dies down. One of them, Ashely Greene, is taking a firm step in that direction by appearing in an indie drama.

HR says Greene, who plays the vampire sister of dreamy Edward in Twilight, will co-star in Skateland. She will play the sister of a friend of main character Ritchie Wheeler, portrayed by Shiloh Fernandez. Also joining the coming of age story are Haley Ramm, playing Fernandezís sister, and James LeGros, who plays Greeneís father. Fernandezís character loses his job at a roller rink and has to make some hard decisions.

The film, which is set in the 1980s, was written by actor Heath Freeman, who will play Greeneís brother and one of Fernandezís friends, Heathís brother Brandon and director Anthony Burns. The Freemanís and Burns donít seem to have much in the way of previous behind-the-scenes credits, so I guess this will be their big debut. Filming starts next month in Louisiana.
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