UPDATE: Cars 2 Trailer Answers This Question: How Do Cars Use The Bathroom?

By Josh Tyler 2011-03-07 20:59:36discussion comments
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UPDATE: Cars 2 Trailer Answers This Question: How Do Cars Use The Bathroom? image
For anyone who’s ever wondered what it looks like when cars go to the bathroom, Cars 2 has a brand new, full trailer from Disney which rather definitively answers that question. Here’s the thing: It’s not bad but it doesn’t seem at all like a Pixar movie. Actually it has more in common with that trailer we showed you last week here for Kung Fu Panda 2 than anything we’ve ever seen from Pixar before.

It starts with a very un-Cars opening using an opening narration about oceans in flame while we zoom in on an oil derrick in rough seas, then suddenly someone flips a switch, cranks up the disco music, and turns the whole thing into a DreamWorks movie. Full of sight gags and Mater one-liners, this trailer probably isn’t what anyone was expecting, but it’s kind of a lot of fun. There also seems to be some allusion to a bomb strapped to Lightning McQueen. Cars was a variation on Doc Hollywood does that mean Cars 2 is Speed? I wonder if Mater will shoot the hostages.

Watch the new Cars 2 trailer right here:

[UPDATE: The trailer's back, thanks to the good people of Disney Watch it below]

One thing seems certain after watching the trailer: This is Mater’s story, not Lightning’s. In the first film Mater was really just a side character. The trailer makes it pretty clear that for the sequel, Lightning McQueen has stepped aside to fill more of a sidekick role with Mater mistaken for a spy and in over his head. I don’t think there’s any question that Mater’s the most popular character in the Cars universe, making him the new movie's focus makes sense.

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