UPDATED: Ridley Scott's Alien Prequel Will Be Titled Paradise

By Josh Tyler 2010-12-08 15:50:32discussion comments
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UPDATED: Ridley Scott's Alien Prequel Will Be Titled Paradise image
UPDATE: Fox communications VP Chris Petrikin took to Twitter last night to, in effect, debunk the entire story. Starting with the statement "I don't know where to begin to correct what is being written about a certain Ridley Scott project," he said that the movie is not in fact titled Paradise, and it won't be cut into two films either. He's promising more answers soon, and if those show up we'll link to the new story here. In the meantime, though, consider everything below with a grain of salt-- the way you ought to consider all the wild rumors we've heard about this movie so far.

The news surrounding Ridley Scottís upcoming Alien prequel has been mostly gossip and innuendo till now. One minute itís not happening at all, the next itís been pushed back a year, and now none of thatís true and everythingís fine, production starts in March. Oh, and it has a title so we can quit calling it Ridley Scottís Alien prequel. Hereís the title: Paradise.

That title makes sense in context with some of what weíve heard about the script. It even fits with those crazy rumors about the thing involving aliens forcing human colonists to have gay sex in an ill-informed effort to make them procreate. Those rumors may not be true, but there was supposed to be an idyllic farm planet, which could be sort of a paradise, and itís easy to imagine the theme of the whole thing being some sort of riff on paradise lost. Thatís just what happens when ravenous aliens show up.

But all we really know about the plot for certain is that the Spacey Jockeys, a new alien race, will be involved and that victims will be picked off by the old familiar aliens. Itís a sure bet thatíll happen mostly one at a time. NY Mag, who first scooped the movieís title, says in addition to the female part rumored to be for Noomi Rapace, thereís an android character (an earlier version of the Bishop 341-B character played by Lance Henriksen in Aliens) and that Michael Fassbender was up for the role but lost it by asking for too much cash. Someone should probably remind him that heís still just that British guy who died in Inglourious Basterds.

Thereís also a part for a 40-something tough chick called ďVickersĒ which Michelle Yeoh could be up for. Wait, isnít Noomi Rapace the tough chick type? In space, I guess all women are sort of badass.

The other role they're talking about wonít be cast, because theyíre going the all CGI route that Gollum took, unless they cast someone to pull an Andy Serkis and run around in a gimp outfit.

So I guess we can start calling this thing Paradise, though, donít we need some sort of callback to the other Alien movies in the title? Alien: Paradise may not be the title, but it feels right.
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