Uncover JJ Abrams' Secrets: Super 8 Trailer Arrives In HD

By Perri Nemiroff 2010-05-11 13:48:05discussion comments
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Uncover JJ Abrams' Secrets: Super 8 Trailer Arrives In HD image
Shortly after premiering ahead of Iron Man 2, the top-secret trailer for JJ Abramís Super 8 hit the web. Didnít get to see it enough before the studio took it down? Well, youíre in luck because itís back online and in glorious HD, ready for our thorough inspection.

Of course, weíve still got the basics: a rogue pickup truck is making a beeline for an oncoming train, ultimately colliding and creating a massive explosion. As the debris clears, we get a look at the wreckage until the camera focuses on a particular train car. Thereís a pounding noise being caused by something inside the car that gets increasingly louder until the door wheel spins out of control after which, we assume, the creature inside is free.

Now to the minute details. So, that face we told you about? Itís there. And those letters? Theyíre there too, but they appear to be moving backwards. As we told you yesterday they spell out the URL of a secret, Super 8 viral site.

Watch the first ever Super 8 trailer embedded below or on Apple Trailers in glorious HD.

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