Universal Responds To Our Mummy 3 Scoop!

By Josh Tyler 2007-02-06 18:20:22discussion comments
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Universal Responds To Our Mummy 3 Scoop! image
Yesterday we brought you the disappointing rumor that Universalís third Mummy movie might be in trouble (read that here). Word was that the script they were planning to use was a disaster, and that Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz might be holding off on joining the sequel because of it.

Today however, I spoke with an official representative from Universal, who vehemently denies this rumor. Obviously, they arenít very happy to have people saying their movie sucks before it even happens. Universalís official stance is that these rumors are completely untrue. According to their representative, the script mentioned in our scoop isnít being used. Instead, itís in the process of being rewritten.

They added that all of the principle actors from the previous films are currently in negotiations to return. We presume that means Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz at the least, and hopefully the likes of Oded Fehr and Arnold Vosloo as well.

Universal further adds that Rob Cohen has their full confidence. Sure Stealth was a bit of a miss, but they insist that heís launched two other successful, big franchises for them in the form of Fast and the Furious and xXx. Theyíre happy with him.

So there you have it. Thatís Universalís stand on the whole Mummy 3 thing. I respect their decision to actually give us a call and respond. So often when we get a scoop like this the studio simply refuses to comment. Universal deserves a little credit here for at least addressing whatís going on. Good for them. Iím not entirely sure any of this completely disproves the information our scooper gave us, but at least we know where things stand. Letís hope the rewrites go well. Iím on the record as being a fan of the first two Mummy films, Iíd love nothing more than a fun return for the franchise.
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