Usher To Play James Brown?

By Josh Tyler 2006-12-29 00:00:00discussion comments
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With the announcement that Spike Lee is making a movie about the life of James Brown earlier this week, the web is full of speculation about who will play the original soul man. Could it be Usher?

Our friends over at Filmstalker have picked up a story from Page Six which says both Usher and Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie are actively seeking parts in the film. Usher wants to play James Brown, and Fergie one of his many wives.

Usher is a great R&B singer, but who cares about that. Heís not an actor. Itís more important than you find someone to act if youíre going pull a movie like this off. If they have to, they can always lip sync the singing the way Jamie Foxx did in Ray. You canít lip sync acting.

Of course it might be nice if the actor chosen could both sing and act. It always adds a little something to the movie. Itís one of the many reasons I like Walk the Line so damn much. If you have to make a movie about James Brown, why not look to someone like Mos Def? Heís a musician, and in case youíve missed his work till now, the guy can really act. He hasnít had a big break in movies yet, this might be a perfect fit. But not Usher. Seriously, we do not need Usher. If he wants to dress up like James Brown and karaoke his songs, let him do it at one of his concerts.
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