Val Kilmer At A Sexy Seven Below Zero

By Josh Tyler 2011-01-21 01:19:57discussion comments
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Val Kilmer At A Sexy Seven Below Zero image
Thereíve been rumors, for almost as long as I can remember, about how difficult Val Kilmer is to work with. Itís hard not to believe them, when you look at his filmography. The man is without question one of the best actors in Hollywood, and not so long ago was also a top drawing leading man. Yet his most noteworthy roles in the past five years were as a villain in MacGruber and as the voice of K.I.T.T. on NBCís failed Knight Rider reboot. He did have a nice supporting part in Bad Lieutenant, but no one seemed to notice. Thatís depressing.

Itís not that Kilmer isnít working, he does three or four movies a year, theyíre just terrible direct to DVD throwaways or easily ignored, low-budget leftovers. Val Kilmer may be difficult to work with, I donít know I havenít even met the man, but to me he seems like heís worth the effort. Maybe this will be his first step on the road back to respectability, because Whatís Playing says heís doing a thriller called Seven Below Zero.

Itís not a Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang sequel, which is really what Iíd rather see him doing, but it is described as a ďsexy horror movieĒ which is a step up from the usual ďawful slasher movieĒ heís seemed headed for. Kilmerís 52 and not exactly a sex symbol anymore, but heís such a good actor I think he can still work it.

The bad news is thatSeven Below Zero co-stars one of the kids from Twilight (Charlie Bewly) and Ving Rhames who, for the most part, finds his career in much the same place as Kilmer. Except at least Ving Rhames did Piranha 3D, a movie which a great many people found to be pretty cool. Still, Rhamesí recent filmography isnít much better than Kilmerís and his presence may indicate that this isnít so much a step up for Kilmer as a lateral move. Hereís hoping thatís not true. Youíll always be my Huckleberry, Gay Perry.
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