Val Kilmer Returns To Real Genius

By Josh Tyler 2006-12-28 00:00:00discussion comments
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Val Kilmer is planning to do more comedy in the future, unfortunately that doesnít mean heíll return to the funniest role of his career, Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bangís Gay Perry. Instead, says heís doing Real Genius 2.

The original 1985 movie starred a very young Val Kilmer and Gabriel Jaret as two teenage geniuses developing a high powered laser for a college project, only to have it stolen by the government. It was Valís second film, and from there he went on to Top Gun and stardom.

Kilmer wants to completely change his image. I guess heís not happy with his reputation as a brilliant but temperamental dramatic actor, and would instead prefer to be Jim Carrey. Kilmer can be funny, but I donít see why he needs to change his image to do it. Comedy can be smart, though smart isnít the word Iíd use to describe Real Genius. Ironic.
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