Veronica Mars Creator Still Holding Out Hope A Movie Can Happen

By Katey Rich 2010-04-07 12:09:11discussion comments
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Veronica Mars Creator Still Holding Out Hope A Movie Can Happen image
It's been nearly a year since last heard anything about a potential Veronica Mars movie, and that was Kristen Bell admitting that nobody at Warner Bros. particularly wanted to make it, despite the fact that she and series creator Rob Thomas were still on board. But even though Thomas has moved on to another successful series with Party Down, he insists he's not giving up. Today he's telling EW's Ausiello emphatically, "It's not dead."

I continue to want to do it. Its funny, because the rumors go around and around. Kristen Bell had said to somebody that I had written a script, and that wasnt correct. I did have a treatment and a pitch, with which I went to Warner Bros. and [Mars producer] Joel Silver and said, Here is the fastball version of the movie, the big studio version of the movie that I think we can make. And I think they did one of their brand-awareness surveys and were like, We dont know if we can make money with that. So its been back-burnered. But I still want to do it. Im still happy to do it. Were still looking into it.

Thomas admits that Bell has gotten a little too old to play a teen detective, but promises, "I think Veronica Mars as a 30-year-old noir detective at some point in the future would still be interesting to me." Of course, he still has no information on who might pay for this film, or how many people might see a movie based on a cult TV show that went off the air three years ago.

Our own TV guru Kelly West thinks it's time Veronica Mars fans to let it go. See what she has to say right here.
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