Victoria Gotti Picks Lindsay Lohan To Play Her In Gotti: Three Generations

By Mack Rawden 2011-04-09 16:48:45discussion comments
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Victoria Gotti Picks Lindsay Lohan To Play Her In Gotti: Three Generations image
Want an eye into the Gotti family thought process? When asked who sheíd like to see play a younger version of herself in the biopic about her famous mobster father, Victoria Gotti picked Lindsay Lohan over Blake Lively and Sienna Miller, much to the delight of the producers. Anyone whoís surprised with her selection likely never watched her reality show Growing Up Gotti. Like her father, Victoria is, above all else, a personality. Ask a personality who should play them in a movie, and nine times out of ten, theyíll choose someone loud, showy and more importantly, very famous.

According to TMZ, there might be another reason behind the choice as well. Apparently, the Gotti family regularly hangs out with the Lohanís whenever they visit from Los Angeles. I must admit, Iím no longer surprised by anything I hear about the Mean Girls star, but this at least caused me to raise an eyebrow.

Lohan is scheduled to meet with producers to finalize her involvement later this week in a face-to-face sitdown. John Travolta has already boarded to play Victoriaís father John Gotti. No word yet on who might play her brother or famous hitman Sammy The Bull. Produciton should get underway later this year in New York City on the film now tentatively titled Gotti: Three Generations.
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