Video Interview: Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark's Guillermo Del Toro And Katie Holmes

By Perri Nemiroff 2011-08-23 17:42:16discussion comments
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Video Interview: Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark's Guillermo Del Toro And Katie Holmes image
You know when you misplace something and someone tells you, "It couldnít have just walked off on its own?" Well, thanks to Donít Be Afraid of the Dark, youíve got a culprit to point a finger at; they may claim they just want to be your friends, but this movieís little monsters also have their eyes on your razors, clothing and your children.

Alex (Guy Pearce) is a struggling architect trying to renovate the old Blackwood Manor to revitalize his career. With his interior decorator and live-in girlfriend, Kim (Katie Holmes), by his side, he calls the location home and works on it incessantly. Things get complicated when his ex-wife decides itís time for their daughter, Sally (Bailee Madison), to go and live with daddy. Alex thinks heís child-proofed the house by giving his daughter the quintessential little girlís dream room, but with little to do, Sally resorts to exploring and winds up discovering that theyíre not the only ones living in the Blackwood Manor and that those other residents are viciously desperate to be her friends.

In honor of Donít Be Afraid of the Darkís August 26th release, writer-producer Guillermo del Toro and star Katie Holmes sat down to talk about the film at a roundtable interview. The session was packed with goods from the set including Holmesí experience working with Madison, del Toroís effort to bring the filmís creatures to life and much more. Check it all out for yourself in the video interview below and be sure to keep an eye out for those spoiler alerts, as theyíre very much there for a reason.

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