I'll be honest: I'd completely forgotten a third Santa Clause movie was even happening. But it is, and MSN has released the trailer in an annoying streaming format that can only be viewed using Internet Explorer just to brighten your day.

The trailer makes up a lame excuse for another movie by introducing the "Escape Clause" and then bringing in Martin Short to suck the life right out of the room. Short plays Santa's new nemesis Jack Frost, and together the two go traveling through time to revisit how Tim Allen's character became Santa in the first place, and then Frost screws things up. Yes, that's right. Santa is lost in time with a plot stolen from Back to the Future. I wonder if Tim Allen has a picture of his career? He'd better check it, I think it's disappearing. I can't wait for the fourth sequel, Santa and the Martian People.

To be fair, there are one or two good lines in the trailer, quite an accomplishment for a movie based on an idea this earth shatteringly bad. I'm sure families will eat it right up. To see the first trailer, brace yourself and click here. Santa Clause 3 hits theaters November 3.

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