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By Josh Tyler 2010-12-02 13:53:35discussion comments
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By now weíve seen a lot from The Tourist, itís probably the movie people without enough imagination to handle the super sweet special effects of Tron: Legacy, will see. It might also be good. Or it might be ridiculous. We have new clips from the movie, and truly, they lean more towards the ridiculous. Also, am I the only one who had no idea that Angelina Jolie was doing a British accent in this film?

You wonít hear much of Angieís accent in this featurette, but you will get a good introduction to The Tourist by watching this featurette. Itís followed by five clips, with accents. Watch it all below.

If you want to burn something so that no one else can read it, shouldnít you stick around to make sure itís completely burned, rather than just setting it slightly on fire and then walking away?

Apparently you can still smoke on trains in Europe.

Apparently you can still smoke pretty much anywhere in Europe. I guess some stereotypes are true.

As villains go, you canít go wrong with the IRS. Iíd rather be shot in the face than deal with them.

Lot of handcuffs in this movie.

For more on The Tourist including images, video, and insane amounts of detailed info, visit its page in our Blend Film Database.
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